What presets can do for you

A preset is a professional filter for your photo. It is a series of dozens of photo edits that a professional photographer would use, all bundled together in 1 file (a preset). You can then apply this filter with 1 click to any photo you take. In short: your photo is edited for you as a professional photographer would do, in the style you like. Without having to have any technical or photographic knowledge yourself and all that in 1 easy click!

Easy to use for everyone

Anyone who wants beautiful photos can use presets! Presets are the secret of many Instagram influencers and photographers. Maybe you already follow some insta famous dogs or dog moms who always seem to take beautiful shots? Chances are very high they’re using presets.

Presets can be used for any purpose:

Presets before and afterPresets before and after
Presets before and afterPresets before and after

How to use presets

You can apply a preset to any picture using your smartphone or computer. You apply it to your photos using the free mobile app Lightroom (the desktop version is to be paid for however). This app is available for any smartphone and is completely free. In this app you install your purchased presets.

With every purchase you receive a handy manual that explains how to install your presets and how you can use them optimally, both for the mobile presets and for the desktop presets if you have the desktop version. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and anyone can do it!

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