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Supplier: Oh My Presets, located at Vosselaredorp 56/3, 9850 Deinze (not a visitor’s address), under KBO number (0761.360.918) and VAT number (BE0761360918)

Customer: the person with whom Oh My Presets has entered into an agreement

The general terms and conditions of sale as described here are binding between customer and supplier. When approving a quotation or purchase of a product or service by the customer, it is deemed that the customer has taken note of these general terms and conditions of sale and has agreed to them. Deviation from the general terms and conditions is only possible with an express and written agreement between both parties.

Intellectual property rights

When approving a quote or when purchasing a product or service, the customer agrees that all delivered products will always remain the property of Oh My Presets. The delivered work (of any kind) may not be modified, reworked or resold by the customer or a third party without written permission from the supplier.

All digital products at Oh My Presets are intended for individual use and may not be shared with third parties. The customer shall not reproduce, distribute or modify these original purchased products in whole or in part. If the customer does so, the customer can be prosecuted. A permitted exception for sharing the files is, on the one hand, the use within the same family (partner or children) and, on the other hand, when a preset is purchased within a company and this preset is used exclusively by team members of the same company and only for purposes that are directly related to to do with the company. In this case, the purchased preset may be shared among the team members responsible for these purposes.

Upon uploading personal image material, such as when writing a review, the customer automatically agrees that this image material can be used for commercial purposes such as online advertisements or publications on communication channels.

Our products

Due to the changing offer, Oh My Presets is not responsible for the storage of products or downloads. The products offered by Oh My Presets are subject to price changes.


Due to the downloadability of the products, digital products cannot be returned or refunded if the product has already been downloaded. Only when the purchased product has not yet been downloaded, the customer can request a refund up to 14 days after the purchase. In case of dissatisfaction with a product (after downloading), the customer can contact Oh My Presets to look for a solution together.


Complaints in connection with the delivered goods or services or with the invoice must be received by email within 5 calendar days after transfer of the delivered goods or services. A complaint does not entitle you to a suspension of payment or to compensation. The supplier cannot be held liable for loss or damage to goods or services sent by a third party.


Oh My Presets is not responsible for any color deviations with non-calibrated screens. Oh My Presets is not responsible for damage to orders sent by post.

The delivered products and services are always an obligation of effort, but not an obligation of result.

Oh My Presets is not liable for incorrectly delivered services or products that were caused by incorrect information provided by the customer.

Oh My Presets is not liable for damage caused by hacking of the website, phishing, fraud or other criminal activities.

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